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In conjunction with our membership of the German Natural Stone Association. (DNV), we are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council. (DGNB). Building objects with natural stone can be certified with DGNB, Leed (U.S. Green Building Council) or UK Green Building Council.

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BV Ludwigshafen Rheingalerie

This impressive shopping mall was awarded the DGNB platinum certificate in 2011. Naturstein Steinmann carried out approx. 9,000m² of natural stone work here. The German Jura limestone made an important contribution to the sustainability of the certified building.


BV Köln Holzmarkt 1

The office and administration building, which impresses with its superb location and architecture, was certified platinum by the DGNB in 2011. Naturstein Steinmann contributed with an approx. 5870m² ventilated natural stone facade of Jura limestone to the certification.


BV Neubrandenburg, Marien Carree

In the best location, in the middle of the city center is the Marien-Carrée. Naturstein Steinmann was allowed to clad the Carree with an approx. 870m² limestone facade, which received the DGNB certificate in platinum in 2018


BV Düsseldorf Air View

In 2015, the building designed by the architectural firm AIP Consulting Leipzig GmbH was awarded the DGNB certificate in gold. Here, Steinmann executed the approx. 1750m² thermally insulated limestone facade in accordance with the certification criteria.


BV Frankfurt TaunusTurm

The 170-meter-high tower in Frankfurt's banking district was developed by Tishman Speyer in 2013/2014 and is certified according to international standards for sustainable construction LEED Platinum, which is the highest award for resource-efficient construction and management. The energy requirements of the TaunusTurm are 10% below the specifications of the EnEV 2009. Here, Steinmann installed approx. 2,000m² of interior facade and laid approx. 4,000m² of large-format floor coverings.


BV Frankfurt Marienforum

The expressive and striking architecture of the Marienforum is the work of the architectural firm of Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann. Naturstein Steinmann was responsible for the approx. 3,000m² natural stone facade of the building, which has a lasting impact on Frankfurt's cityscape. In addition to energy-efficient building technology and a well-balanced utilization concept, the back-ventilated natural stone façade made of Jura limestone also contributed to the building ensemble's achievement of the highest LEED Platinum award.

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Our energy balance

In order to make our work processes sustainable and to counteract the general CO2 emissions, we rely on the use of renewable energy sources. Accordingly, we have commissioned a photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Eltmann (Bavaria).

This takes up an area of approx. 700m² on our production hall roof. Our photovoltaic system has a peak power of 95.6 kWp and we generate approx. 86,022kWh per year. Thus we reduce the CO2 load of our earth by 60.2 tons per year!

Through the additional use of heat pumps on our premises, we heat in an environmentally friendly way and massively reduce CO2 emissions - in combination with renewable electricity from our photovoltaic system even to zero!

Various studies as well as our own company buildings with thermally insulated natural stone facades prove that natural stone improves the energy balance of buildings as a building material. Clear natural stone stores heat in winter and cools in summer!

Steinmann for natural stone:

The name says it all: Steinmann is the German word for stonemason.

Our natural stone- our resources

Natural stones are extracted from naturally existing deposits. There is hardly a building material that has a longer service life - of several 1,000 years - than natural stone. Due to the fact that they do not contain any pollutants, natural stones can be reused in many ways after use or returned to the natural material cycle.

Our Coolstones UG has taken this as an opportunity and manufactures design objects from, for example, residual materials; removed natural stones in renovations or damaged factory stones that are no longer suitable for their actual use. A small contribution to a sustainable value chain - but for us a matter of the heart.

Our factory Lithodecor with its innovative product Litho-Stone®, enables an even more resource-saving use of raw material on the facade due to its special structure. In the case of energetic facade renovations, for example, the preservation of natural stone can be ensured even in the case of already depleted natural stone deposits.